Souvenirs so small … they can fit in your pocket!

Are you one of those people who travel light, with just a backpack or small carry on?

Do you tightly roll your clothes to fill every available gap and pocket?

Do you avoid markets and shops, convinced there is no way you have room for any souvenirs in your luggage?

Light packers, you no longer have any excuses!


Maleny Botanic Gardens

As a photographer and graphic designer, I now offer some really nice photo souvenirs, they are unique and so small they can most definitely fit in your pocket!

Take for example a Photo Card with you, a card that will mean much more than the words written inside, a card with an emotional connection to Sunshine Coast … that beautiful place in Queensland you loved so much.


Koala Key-Ring

There are also some really nice Key-rings with 3 purposes

  1. To hold your keys of course
  2. To open your drinks every time you are having time out and …
  3. To remind you of that last drink you had in Sunshine Coast Qld

All Media Services is a new business introducing new products and committed to be the best photo product designer.

Come into my online shop and choose the image you’d love to take away … in your pocket!

Thanks for reading and sharing my blog …