My name is Solé and photography is my passion!


It is absolutly fascinating to me that with a click of a button, I am able to capture moments and memories that will stay way pass your lifetime. It is no wonder people often say “A photo is worth a thousand words”.


Strangely, I have all my life oscilate between the left and the right side of my brain; my first encounter with the academic world was purely logical and structured where the second time around, I moved to that creative part of me that was always predominant.



As a Graphic Designer, I did get to love the composition of images and tought me that mixing logic and creativity was a fantastic way to takes me into a world I thoroughly enjoy; creating a fantasy makes me happy as I get to express my innermost artistic self.


My first camera was a film camera that I was too scared to use because of the cost of developing images; it was not as easy as it is now to select the best and delete the rest. I absolutely love my DSLR and would not part company with it for anything.


As a photographer, I prefer to photograph candid moments and feelings, I love happy faces in children, parents and pets. capturing contentment is just the best. 


On the other hand the face of an older person with all their wisdom printed in their expression is also gratifying.


To book a session with me please do not hesitate to access my online shop or alternatively contact me … I am looking forward to meeting you and family




PS: All face to face sessions are suspended indefinitely