Nike Idea Submission Agreement

Please note that receiving your submission does not create any obligation for GM in any way and GM does not consider it confidential. Their submission is voluntary and unrestricted and we conclude that GM can freely use the information provided. Lifecore Biomedical employees are not allowed to act in any advisory role or to advise or advise on the appropriate protection of an idea. Any decision in this matter must be based solely on your judgment and the advice of your own lawyer or advisor. Once the patent is approved, contact Nike via its contact form. A representative will thank you for the submission guidelines. Intel will not receive the submission confidentially and its review by Intel will not create confidential relationships between the parties. In the absence of an agreement on Intel`s acquisition of rights, Intel`s rights and commitments will be determined exclusively by patent laws. Ask for a patent search for your idea and design. The Patent Office offers a comprehensive search to determine if there is a patent similar to or similar to its model. If there is no patent, you can continue.

[I]n of your communication with Benjamin Moore, please note that Benjamin Moore does not accept or consider creative ideas or suggestions regarding marketing products or plans, unless specifically requested. So don`t send creative or original materials to Benjamin Moore, such as product ideas or other creative suggestions, ideas, concepts or other information. Our creative and marketing services constantly bring new product, packaging and marketing ideas to the market. Often, these ideas have been in development for years before they are actually launched. If you decide to forward or forward Benjamin Moore`s website by email or any other means with a Proposal-type notification or material, including personal data, questions or answers, comments, suggestions or otherwise, this material is considered non-confidential and not copyrighted. In addition, Benjamin Moore is free to use ideas or concepts contained in any communication you send to Benjamin Moore`s website for any use, including, but not only, for the development, manufacture and marketing of products using this information. Recently, I came across a sworn statement from Kenneth R. Glaser, a patent lawyer and partner at the law firm of La Gardee Wynne Sewell LLP.