Stats to help your Facebook posts get BETTER

Good facebook posts … Is there such thing as a perfect Facebook post? … Probably not.


TrackMaven analysed more than 1.5 million status updates from almost 6,000 Facebook pages.


Here are 13 stats that will make your good Facebook posts even better:


* Posts with 80+ words get twice as much engagement

*Posts with images get 37% more engagement than text-only updates

*Posts between 5pm & 1am get 11% more interaction than daytime posts

*About 18% of posts get posted on weekends (less competition for your posts!)

*Weekend posts get the most engagement

*Sunday posts get 25% more engagement than Wednesday posts

*Likes constitute 87% of Facebook engagement

*Only 5% of Facebook engagement comes in the form of comments

*Shares account for 8% of Facebook engagement

*Thursday is the most popular day to post

*Posts with hashtags get 60% more interaction

*Posts with exclamation points get 2.7x more interaction!! WOW!!

*Questions get 23% more engagement than other updates


Compelling stats, right?


Here are some interesting key takeaways:


*Hashtags increase interaction, but don’t use more than 2 per post

*I don’t want to focus on Thursdays because there’s just too much noise

*Try posting later in the evening, when people are off work & kids are in bed

*Post longer updates so readers click “See more” to get the rest of the story


What about you?