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a. the additional party that must be a member is, on its face, bound by the arbitration agreement; There are also provisions relating to the joint appointment of an arbitrator by an applicant and an arbitrator by respondent in multi-party arbitration proceedings involving three arbitrators in accordance with the rules of the SIAC (Rule 12) and the rules of the PCA (Article 10, paragraph 1). As noted in the above question, the IAA S8 (2) identifies the President of the SIAC Arbitration Tribunal as the competent authority for the appointment of appointments under Article 11, paragraph 3, of the UNCIR Model Law. However, S 8 (3) provides that the Singapore Supreme Court may appoint “any other person exercising the powers of the President of the Court of Arbitration of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, in accordance with Section 2 of Section 2.” “If the respondent feels that the court of arbitration is not competent for any reason, he has every right to sit down and do nothing, thinking that the proceedings do not result in a final decision against him or that, when a sentence is rendered, he is entitled to object to the execution. Therefore, such a respondent may pass up the opportunity to challenge the Tribunal`s jurisdiction under section 16.” Arbitration is generally more expensive than litigation. If you sue someone, the justice system, that is, the building, the staff, the computers, the judges and the staff, is paid for by the government with taxpayers` money. If you decide to go to arbitration instead, you pay the set up (200 to 500 USD per day), the judicial reporter (usually 1000 USD per day) and the referee (somewhere from 250 to 1000 USD per hour). A court proceeding has stated that arbitration can be as much as $90,000 in arbitration fees. In addition to legal fees! After all, California prohibits forced conciliation at work. d. Arbitration.

Arbitration is conducted by a neutral arbitrator in accordance with the rules and procedures of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), including the AAA`s complementary procedures for consumer disputes (together the “AAA rules”), as amended by this arbitration agreement. For more information on AAA, please visit the website, For more information on AAA rules and fees for consumer disputes, visit the AAA website,