Aeon Customer Agreement Number

Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and local emergency services cannot identify your phone number when dialing 911 to access the emergency number. In most cases, the AEON system is configured to send automated number credentials. However, the telephone system transmits traffic to PSAP and PSAP itself must be able to receive and transmit the information correctly, and it is not yet technically able to do so. You recognize and understand that PSAP and emergency personnel may not be able to identify your phone number to return your call if the call cannot be made, is not separated or separated, or if you cannot speak to give them your phone number and/or if, for some reason, the service is not operational, including, but not limited to those mentioned elsewhere in this Agreement. Yes, this person must provide real information to the bank. (Customer`s name, contract number (16 digits), refund amount) AEON offers an emergency call service that differs from a number of important ways to traditional 911 services. If you dial 911, your call will be forwarded via the AEON network to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) or to local emergency personnel who use the address you specified at AEON. You recognize and understand that if you dial 911 from your AEON device, you will be redirected to the general or administrative telephone number for the PSAP or the local emergency service provider and will not necessarily be redirected to the 911 dispatchers specifically intended to receive 911 incoming calls with conventional 911 choice. In addition, some PSAps may, from time to time, refuse to accept calls from VoIP providers such as AEON. As described here, this emergency call service is not currently the same as the classic 911 or E911, and at this time does not necessarily include all the functions of the classic 911-choice.

B. With respect to all other allegations, claims or disputes on your part or others, for damages related to the order (including the booking of a certain use number with a service), installation (including delays of it), making available, termination, Maintenance, repair, AEON`s liability, if any, is limited to AEON`s liability, if any: 1. AEON reserves the right to suspend furnishing services, terminate your account and/or block your access to the AEON network without taking responsibility if AEON deems it necessary to prevent or protect fraud or protect other agents, facilities or services.